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A True Story – A Journey From Fat To Fit

When I heard the name “Six Minutes to Skinny” for the first time, it looked a gimmick and too good to be true. My personal story was when an online friend introduced me to this product a year ago. 

I am Derek Marshal from Albuquerque, NM, USA. After my teenage, my body shape started to change dramatically, and at 29, my physical appearance has transformed from fit to fat. I am not a fitness freak type guy, but I am getting frustrated because body-shaming was very common in my gathering. 

At first, I pretended to ignore it, but at the same time, I have joined a gym, hired an online trainer, and started to cut my food intake. After three months of reckless training, dieting and jogging, I have lost nothing but three months. 

One of my online friends, who used to share his experience with the weight loss program, guided me about Six Minutes to Skinny. Firstly, I started to troll the concept and name as ‘Six Minutes to Skinny” looks overnight weight loss plan, which can’t be true.

Later on, I researched “Six Minutes to Skinny” and found mixed reviews. However, most are positive, and people share their views and opinions with pictures and proof.

This program enlightens me about how to burn fat, bust through weight loss plateaus, and helps you avoid gaining all of the weight back after you put so much time and effort into dieting. 

Let me introduce you few basic facts about “Six Minutes to Skinny.” This program was introduced by the famous fitness trainer Craig Ballantyne

Who is Craig Ballantyne?

Craig Ballantyne is the creator of The Perfect Day Formula. He has been a wellness master for Men’s Health magazine beginning around 2000 and is co-founder of Early to Rise.

A fitness expert for Men’s Health and Oxygen magazines, he combines the research in Nutrition and Physiology for belly fat reduction and successfully achieved the target. 

As a result, hundreds and thousands of people across the globe are now getting benefits from these projects. In addition, his master’s degree in physiology gave him the ability and skill to kick start a career that assists in helping out people to burn fat, as well as help them with achieving their wellness objectives.

Six minutes skinny is the core project and synopsis of his fitness and weight loss work. This program has been proven, established, and endorsed by elite trainers for a decade with the most positive reviews and is considered the top three most popular weight loss programs available on the internet.

Let’s check out what will you find in six minutes skinny program:

What will you get in 6 Minutes Skinny?

You will get plenty of knowledge once you buy this program. A short overview is as below:

  • The 6 Minutes to Skinny system (PDF Book)
  • LifeStyle Review
  • Good/Bad food choices
  • Turbulence Training Guidelines
  • Beginner Body Weight Turbulence Training
  • Intermediate Body Weight Turbulence Training
  • Advanced Body Weight Turbulence Training
  • Turbulence Training Exercise description 
  • Five Minutes Video: This short clip will guide you to kick-start your fat-burning program. 
  • Two Minutes Morning Shake: Morning plans to assist you with making fat-burning shakes in under two minutes.
  • A quick start guide.
  • A nutrition guide.

How Six Minutes to Skinny works – Science Behind Six Minutes Skinny

It is based on Turbulence Training, an emerging and elite concept to lose weight naturally without any expensive medication or painful surgery. First, we need to understand our body requirements, metabolism, and simple training sessions. It won’t take more than six minutes to perform these activities in the morning, and it will show results. 

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to Follow Plan: The plan is simple to understand and easy to follow.
  2. Concept of Turbulence Training: It is a new emerging concept to burn fat.
  3. Food guide: The program also includes a complete food guide to follow.
  4. Well Known Creator: Craig Ballantyne is globally famous for his fitness and well-being work.
  5. Not Gender Biased:  This program is equally effective for males and females.
  6. No Need to Count Calories: It doesn’t require counting calories.
  7. No Intense Exercise: The workout plan is not intense or ruthless. 
  8. Natural Way to Weight Loss: There is no need to take pills or undergo surgery to burn fat.
  9. Quick results: The results are prompt and won’t take much time.


  1. Paid Program: It is not a free program, and you need to buy this plan.
  2. Digital Program: It is available online, and the internet is necessary to buy this digital program.
  3. 18 Plus: This program is designed for healthy individuals eighteen years and older only.


The idea is based on the pure scientific concept of combining appropriate food intake and suitable exercise. We are not supposed to undergo surgery or take expensive medicine to lose weight. Fat burning is a natural process, but first, we need to understand “nature” the renowned author has elaborated on how to burn your fat. I am a firm believer in this effective concept. 


  • Is Six-minute skinny a scam or legit?

Six-minute Skinny has been introduced by Craig Ballantyne, a well-known fitness trainer, and fat loss expert. It has been very popular for a decade, and If they were a scam, it would not have earned that much business. 

It is a legit and the most effective program for people who want to burn their fat within a short period, putting least effort and energy. 

  • Is six-minute skinny work?

It does work because the whole concept is based on human physiology. Modern science has paved the way to understand the weight loss mechanism simply and quickly. You are supposed to follow the given guidelines, and you will get the required results within a few months.

  • Where To Buy Six Minutes to Skinny

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  • How much will it cost to Six minutes skinny?

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