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For a young man like me, nothing is as painful and cumbersome as backpain. I was in my thirties and used to enjoy life like a teenager. Being a young entrepreneur, I had started my startup in my early twenties and was quite satisfied with my financial and social progress. 

Then, however, the creeping back pain gradually grabbed me due to a long hour sitting on a chair, lack of physical activities, and a sedentary lifestyle.

I have visited physicians, and they have suggested a few tests like x-ray, Bone scan, and MRI. Later on, they prescribed medicines, which upset my stomach and failed to produce the required results until a year. Most of them are pain killers, which couldn’t be considered a permanent solution.

The back pain has limited my mobility, and I was absent from family trips and tours because the doctor suggested I started to avoid the long drive. 

Surfing the internet about back pain, I have many shocking facts and figures. I am not alone in this journey, as sixteen million (8% adults) people face the backpain. Chronic or persistent back pain is the sixth most costly and common condition in the United States.

Introducing Back to Life

One day, I was reading an article about back pain. Luckily, I have clicked a review about the “back to life program,” and I have started research to understand the nature and methodology of this product. 

Compared to the medicines I am regularly taking, the price of this program is too affordable, and the results are quite astonishing. Furthermore, it has zero side effects because it contains stretching workouts, yoga techniques, and simple-to-follow workouts.

Adapting the designated stretching exercises, we can consistently upgrade our normal recuperating and benefit from expanded adaptability and strength. 

Many users have observed that it was easier and better to adopt a set of regular exercises to their ordinary schedules. It relieves your back pain and overhauls your body to accelerate its functionality and agility.

It was designed by Emily Lark, a renowned and certified yoga expert. 

Who is Emily Lark

Emily Lark is a well-known physical trainer and Yoga expert. In addition, she is a fitness studio owner, a pilates instructor, a wellness coach, and a speaker. She started working as a yoga and pilates instructor in Chicago, USA, in 2004. 

She dedicated her life to sharing her expert view and ancient proven yoga tricks to offering health and well-being across the globe.

Her program is an online PDF book designed to help patent uproot back pain naturally without any analgesic medications or painful and expensive surgery. 

This program is an easy-to-follow step that aims to relieve back pain easily and comfortably. Erase My Back Pain program has a daily schedule of 10 minutes workouts and stretching exercises that allows you to eliminate chronic back pain with a sixty-day money-back guarantee.

Common mistakes in relieving back pain

  1. Analgesic Medicines: The pain killers medicines are of no use as long-term treatment is under discussion. It is a temporary relief package and better than unbearable and severe pain, but no one could permanently consider it a better option. In addition, it always has serious side effects.
  2. Incorrect or Ruthless Exercises: Many people rush into Strength Training to get rid of back pain, which leads to serious injury or other complications in human body parts. Fitness training or gym workout is always recommended for healthy and normal people, but once you fall into the trap of back pain, never indulge in a strength workout because it will create more mess.
  3. Heat Packs: Long-term use of heat packs will lead to extreme inflammation in the body as the dilated blood vessels bring pro-inflammatory cells to the area warmed. Once again, like analgesic medicines, it is a temporary relief, not a permanent solution.

Key features of Back to Life

The salient features of the programs are as below:

  1. 10-minute daily workout
  2. Core workouts
  3. Targeted sciatica exercises
  4. General pain relief exercises
  5. Stretching workouts


This program consists of two bonus offers as below:

  1. Back to Life Guided Meditation
  2. Back to Life Yoga – Bedtime Back Relief

Digital Version:

The digital program costs $37. The advantage of this choice is that you can promptly get to the program and begin applying it without further delay using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. In addition, this digital program accompanies useful recordings and the two bonuses mentioned above.

Physical and Digital Version

Though the virtual program in digital format is enough and very popular, however, if you need a hard copy, they also offer a physical version of the Back to life program. It would cost you an extra payment for the shipment. 

Pro and Cons


  • Designed by Expert: Back to life program has been designed by a renowned yoga expert.
  • Easy to understand: The program suggests easy to comprehend workouts.
  • Simple to follow: The Yoga and stretching guidelines are simple to follow.
  • Natural way of healing: It assists you in eliminating back pain naturally.
  • No medication: Back to life program doesn’t recommend any medication.
  • No surgery: It requires no surgery to handle the back pain.
  • Affordable Price: The price of this program is very affordable and reasonable. 
  • Efficient Customer support: The official website offers efficient customer service.
  • Step by Step guidelines: The PDF book consists of step-by-step instructions to relieve back pain.
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee: This program is risk-free as it offers a sixty-day money-back guarantee.
  • Quality Sleep: It guides you on how to prevent a lack of quality sleep as well. 
  • Lose Weight: The prescribed workout and stretching exercises help reduce weight and fat in the human body.
  • Physical fitness: These exercises guide you to improve physical fitness.
  • Energy and mood: Regular light exercises will boost energy and better mood.


  • Online paid program: It is a paid program, and you need an internet connection to purchase.


After going through the whole process personally and experiencing the benefits of the Back to life program, I would like to recommend the digital version as it is a result-oriented and proven one. It is promulgated simple and easy-to-understand methods to relieve back pain. Every step of each stretching exercise is comprehensive and effective.

We need to follow the given guidelines without any second thought or trainer. It is the least time-consuming stretching session in back pain management’s history without any pain or side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the Back to Life Program Work?

Yes, the Back to Life program works under a single condition that you are supposed to follow every bit of instructions religiously.  Only listening or reading won’t solve the back pain as you have to act according to the given guidelines.  The workout, stretching exercises, and Yoga methods are simple to understand and easy to perform.

  • How Does the Back to Life Program Work?

The back to life program is a digital program consisting of different stretching exercises and simple-to-follow workouts to relieve back pain naturally. We have to go through the content and apply it practically by exercising as per the given guidelines. Following the instruction is a mandatory step to get rid of chronic back pain. 

  • How is the Back to Life Program unique?

It is a unique and exclusive program to eliminate back pain because it guides how to do away with back pain naturally without any medicine or surgery. Analgesic medicine is not a cure because it only kills pain rather than fixing the problem. 

In addition, surgical procedure is delicate, expensive, and painful, accompanied by many potential side effects. However, the Back to Life Program is an easy, effective, and simple procedure to eradicate back pain.

  • Is the Back to Life Program a scam

It is next to impossible that Emily Lark became a part of the scam program. It was designed by a renowned fitness studio owner, a pilates instructor, and wellness coach Emily Lark. She started working as a yoga and pilates instructor in Chicago, USA, in 2004. Therefore, you can trust this program without any second thought.

  • What Includes Back to Life Program

Along with the bonus offers, the core program includes below parts:

A-  10-minute daily workout

B-  Core workouts

C-  Targeted sciatica exercises

D-  General pain relief exercises

E-   Stretching workouts

These details have been elaborated so that everyone can understand the procedure without any personal guide. However, the official site will assist you via customer support if required.

  • Can Everyone Get Benefits from the Back to Life Program?

Yes, everyone can benefit from this program as there is no age or gender limitation. If you are a patient, it will relieve your back pain naturally; however, if you are a trainer, coach, or yoga master, it could be considered a useful addition to your digital library. It doesn’t need the physical presence of a trainer or yoga coach, as you can follow simple steps by going through the program thoroughly and attentively.

  • Where to Buy Back to Life Program?


  • How much does the Back to Life Program cost?


  • Are There Any Side Effects of the Back to Life Program?

No, I don’t carry any potential negative or side effects because the program doesn’t prescribe any medicine. In addition, the patent doesn’t need to undergo a surgical process to get rid of the back pain. Instead, this program guides you to a combination of stretching workouts and yoga exercises to assist in releasing back pain naturally.

  • What is the Refund Policy of the Back to Life Program?

It has zero risk because the program promises a sixty-day money-back guarantee. You need to visit the official website to apply for the refund as the official site has mentioned clear and simple terms and conditions for a refund of the paid amount.

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