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How would you feel if you visited an old friend and got a shocking compliment about your body and looks? The answer is pretty obvious. You will feel great and comfortable sharing your ideas and workout routine. 

On the contrary, what do you feel if you came across an old friend after a few years and got an uncomplimentary remark? Now you are ready to listen to the free advice on losing weight. Usually, they communicate their personal experience and “success stories” on fitness and fat loss. 

I am damn sure that you have heard a success story about Cinderella Solution. Let us guide you as we are going to share an honest review. It is a famous and widely used technique by Carly Donovan.

Who is Carly Donovan

She is a weight loss expert and a renowned nutritionist from Ontario, Canada. She has helped reduce the weight of hundreds of females through the past decade. 

Carly has undergone serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression early. 

As I have stated earlier, her friends are starting to advise her to spend money on a surgical procedure. It contains a method that removes fat from various areas of her body where fat tends to deposit. Then accumulate by using a high-pressure suction technique called liposuction.

Before doing so, she researched and fortunately hit on an article about flavor-pairing.

What is the flavor pairing technique?

Flavor pairing is essentially matching food sources together that have similar flavor compounds. It is a proven method used by Japanese women, and they live healthier and longer than women in the US.

How Cinderella Solution project started

Feeling excited, she built a team of bio-nutritionists, aiming to research and develop a product based on the flavor pairing technique. Though it was a mysterious and hidden secret one after rigorous experimentation and testing, they have succeeded in unfolding the complex formula into a simple process.

She visited across the globe and helped a hundred thousand female folk reduce weight, combat health-related issues, and guide how to enjoy a healthier and happier life.

Let us unearth the science behind the Cinderella Solution.

The science behind Cinderella Solution

Scientifically speaking, aging and hormonal changes are the two primary factors in gaining weight and change in body shape. But unfortunately, these two factors reduce the metabolism pace, and fat accumulates in various body parts.

Other factors are unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, unbalanced diet, and genetically inherited obesity. These factors accelerate the pace of weight gain.

Most people start to lower their food intake and join gym or exercise clubs, but unfortunately, they fail to get the required results. The reason is obvious. 

As per new research, it has been revealed that lower food intake leads to slower metabolism, and ruthless exercise without prior knowledge will tend to weaken the body.

On the other hand, Cinderella Solution claims to work on hormonal synchronization.

Cinderella Solution and Hormonal synchronization 

Medical science states three crucial hormones responsible for female body shape, weight, and overall health.

1-   Insulin: High insulin causes frequent and intensive hunger, craving for sugar, weight gain, especially around the waist, forming the apple shape, fatigue, lack of motivation, anxiety, and panic attacks.

2-   Estrogen: Estrogen imbalance caused weight gain, fatigue, irregular periods, painful sex, mood swings, and breast tenderness.

3-   Cortisol: Cortisol imbalance will produce fat deposition, often in the middle section of the body. It is also called a “stress hormone.”

Cinderella Solution works on these three hormones in a way that ultimately creates hormonal balance and roots out the main causes of weight gain.

How does Cinderella Solution work?

Carly Donovan has developed a method based on the Japanese Shoku-Iku nutrition program. It synchronized the above three hormones and uprooted causes of a slow metabolism. It “overhaul” the human body gradually by proven methods of flavor pairing techniques. 

The complete course is digital, including video tutorials, PDFs, and eBooks. It should be followed for 28 days:  The whole process comprises two phases:

 1- The Ignite Phase

It suggests three suppers per day. By doing this, you will make the right condition that will direct the normal chemicals in your body to achieve weight reduction. In addition, the digital program will provide you with a variety of nutrient-rich foods.

2- The Launch Phase

During this phase, you are supposed to take four meals a day. This phase will reduce weight and fat and boost immunity and strength.

Let’s examine the suggested list of food items:

What Foods Does Cinderella Solution Recommend?

Carly Donovan suggests that the whole procedure depends on the right combination of food and flavors: Below are some famous food combinations.

  • Green tea with mint.
  • Fish in combination with fresh garlic.
  • Apples with chocolate.
  • Sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt.
  • Ricotta with banana.

The complete procedure includes more than mere food suggestions.

 What’s Included in the Cinderella Solution Purchase?

The beauty of Cinderella Solution is that it expresses scientific and complex concepts simply and modestly. The components of the program are as below:

 1- Main Manual

A PDF book contains 93 pages includes information on female metabolism, hormones, weight loss, and food combination.

2- Quick Start Guide

If you don’t want to go through the reading stuff, you can promptly visit the “Quick Start Guide.” 

3- Food Lover’s Recipe Playbook

This 22-pages part contains Carly’s success story of losing 84 pounds weight. In addition, it is furnished with practical and proven examples of foods and desserts to achieve a healthier life.

4- The FREE Bonus! Cinderella Solution Accelerator

The free bonus package offers you a success stories of females who achieved their results within the first three weeks: It includes the following:

  • 21-day Kick-Start Nutrition Guide
  • The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book
  • The Accelerator Main Manual

The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book practice is discretionary with this whole program. Notwithstanding, this book’s exercise instructional courses last 8-20 minutes and are exceptionally delicate for the body. They contain 6-10 activities with 15 altogether. The video instructional exercises are the most proficient method to perform. They can be gotten to through the Workout Video Library. The Cinderella Solution followers have online access.

Main Manual Content Details

The Cinderella Solution Main Manual is very perplexing. It talks about the study of weight reduction and makes sense of how the three fundamental female hormones work to speed up digestion. However, here are its parts, sections, and areas:

Part 1: The Cinderella Solution Program Explained

Chapter 1: Explaining Weight Loss

  • Weight loss is explained from the inside out and how it begins.

Chapter 2: The Cinderella Solution Rituals for Weight Loss

The sections of this chapter are:

  • Coupling of food pairing
  • A detailed look at flavor pairing
  • Nutrition timing
  • A series of slim-sequencing exercises

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch Approach

The sections in chapter 3:

  • The Ignite Phase
  • The Launch Phase
  • Cycling Launch and Ignite Phases

Part 2: How to Use the Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book

Chapter 4: 14-day Calendars

With the following sections:

  • A set of daily meal plans
  • Bonus recipes that offer alternatives to daily meal plans

Chapter 5: Food Pairing Ritual Guide and Macros

This chapter discusses the different types of foods and how they can help weight loss. These foods are:

  • Prime proteins
  • Royal fats
  • Angel carbs
  • Power carbs

Chapter 6: How to Time the Meals and the Frequency

This chapter presents how weight loss meals should be timed and the frequency they should be consumed.

Part 3: DIY Meal Creator

This Part is made of 4 chapters as it follows:

  • A 3-step instruction guide to meal preparation
  • Meal pairing legends for Ignite and Launch stages
  • Understanding food portion options
  • Food and portion blocks

Who Can Benefit from the Cinderella Solution Program?

Cinderella Solution Program is the most effective and successful program for all females irrespective of age, class, location, race, or profession. If you are a nutritionist, it adds value to your audience, and if you are a working woman, it adds value to your life. It entirely changes their lives, routine, food, and personality for housewives. It will boost immunity and metabolism and keep your body in perfect shape for teenage girls.

What Makes the Cinderella Solution Special?

Before advancing medical science, females try to reduce their weight by starving for long hours and excessive workout plans. Fortunately, science has changed human thinking, and now facts, figures, and experiments have reshaped the human mind and thinking patterns. 

As a result, we are moving from hard work to smart work and adopting more proven result-oriented approaches. Carly expresses her personal experience and experiments alongside a lot of data gathered from all over the world.

When Carly understood that prohibitive eating regimen and tiring workout didn’t work for her or any other individual in weight reduction, she chose to address what was going on inside her body and roll out certain improvements at that level. 

Furthermore, when she thought of her health improvement plan, particularly the Cinderella Solution, she became thinner so quickly that she was satisfied with what she found in the mirror in one month. 

Unlike any eating routine, this framework includes changing how the food sources are synchronized or the requirement for work out by initiating the digestion to enter fat-consuming mode from back to front and consolidating food varieties how Carly recommends.

For example, for ladies from Japan and France, the Cinderella Solution is an exceptionally specialized weight reduction arrangement that is not in light of any outrageous strategy. The program returns with a cash assurance and getting it is a totally without risk venture.

Purchase the Cinderella Solution

From where should I buy Cinderella Solution?

You can buy Cinderella Solution from the program’s site, where it is available because:

1- Lowest cost ($37 only)

2- Free Cinderella Accelerator System rewards. 

Since everything is advanced, there’s a compelling reason to hang tight for conveyance via the post office; clients will have prompt access when installment is made. In addition, clients can get to the Cinderella Solution materials from a PC, tablet, or cell phone. 

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