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It is not a secret that the human body starts gaining fat and starts overweight with aging, especially if you are not a fitness freak. I used to work on dawn to desk in the office and visit a local gym few and far between.

However, before three years, fat gain seemed visible on my belly and love handles, chest and thigs starting getting thicker and my mood swing towards laziness and attitude became sluggish with every passing day.

I have joined a fitness club and discussed the matter with a local fitness coach, and he shared a diet and exercise manual, which consists of a list of food items supposed to avoid at any cost. He motivated me with a few success stories and warned me that I might fall into the trap of high LDL or Type 2 diabetes if I failed to follow this manual. 

After three months of rigorous body training and dieting, my body reacts, becoming weaker and prone to tiredness, weariness, lack of energy, or fatigue. It looks hard to perform even routine tasks. 

Then I start to study the science behind weight loss, and it demystifies the current concepts and instills new and emerging approaches to control weight with the favorite food diet:

The Science Behind Weight Loss!

Usually, it has been assumed that our body gains weight with aging due to overeating, excessive fat intake, taking too many highly processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, and depression. These factors contribute to some extent, and without any doubt, we can’t avoid most of them as they look like the inevitable part of life.

Different studies uncover that prohibitive eating and eating fewer carbs may prompt future weight gain because of your body’s physiological reactions to such ways of behaving, like changes in craving and fullness hormones.

I am sure you have friends and colleagues in your circles whose waist circumferences have increased once they left these nonsense diet plans because the human body reacts when you start to act.

There are nutritionists available who train how to lose weight and gain muscles, but their programs are too expensive and sometimes hard to follow as it suggests food items that are too costly and most of us can’t afford them.

We can’t afford to build a separate kitchen and start taking boiled eggs and chicken daily and avoid the delicious, tasty, and homemade common food items for a long period.

Probiotics are live microorganisms and yeasts that are great for you, particularly your digestive system. We normally consider these as microbes that cause illnesses. However, your body is loaded with microorganisms, both “good” and “bad.”

Probiotics are considered “great” or “supportive” microbes since they assist with keeping your stomach solid. In addition, they are helpful to boost your metabolism, which triggers weight loss and muscle gain without severe dieting.

The Favorite Food Diet is a guide manual for overweight individuals to shed pounds. It doesn’t consist of starvation, food cut, or ruthless workout to lose weight. Instead, it assists you in devising a mechanism to revert weight gain with aging and maintain a standard body size. Let me share my personal experience: 

What is The Favorite Food Diet?

It is a PDF book on weight loss by Chrissie Mitchell, which elaborates on reducing fat by delicious but nutrient full diets without sacrificing taste and original flavor.

Weight loss and gain have been studied scientifically, and it has been revealed that it is not what most health gurus and so-called body trainers and fitness coach guides. I have gone through a painful period of malnourishment followed by a typical dieting approach.

In the favorite food diet book, Chrissie Mitchell will guide you have to tweak even sugar and sweats to boost these useful probiotics, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

Benefits of The Favorite Food Diet:

I have gone through the whole program and found many benefits, few of them are as below: 

1- Step by Step Approach: The method to lose weight in this book can be called as “day to day” approach.

2- No Medication: You are not supposed to take any medicine to lose weight.

3- No Surgery: Usually, people suggest liposuction, which is a risky and expensive method. Once you start following the guidelines of “The Favorite Food Diet,” you can lose weight without undergoing a painful surgical process.

4- Affordable Diet Plan: The diet plan mentioned in the book is affordable.

5- Proven Method: There are hundreds and thousands of users across the globe who got benefited from this book.

6- Soft Copy: It is available in soft copy, making it affordable as it eliminates the shipping charges. You can download the PDF book and print it out if required.

7- Money Back Guarantee: It promised a sixty-day money-back guarantee, as Chrissie Mitchell believes in this program.

8- No exercises: It requires no training because the focus is on metabolism and the digestive system.

9- No diet restrictions: You don’t need to follow a starvation-type tasteless diet plan.

10- Calories Counting: You don’t need to indulge in calorie counting. Rather it is a simple, easy and practical approach with guaranteed results.

11- Source of authentic information: It contains a lot of accurate and reliable information about overall health and fitness.


1- PDF Book: It is a paid PDF book, and the internet is required to pay and download the PDF book.

Bonus offered!

The author has offered a great collection of bonuses as follow:

  Favorite Detox Cleanse: This diet plan will detoxify your body and act as a cleanser.

  Favorite Wardrobe: It contains dressing tips and suggestions for an attractive appearance.

  Favorite Recipes: It contains delicious recipes of sweet dishes, which reduces weight.

  Miracle Shakes: All ingredients are available at local grocery stores, and it’s fun to make this miracle and tasty shake.


Based on my personal experience, I can strongly suggest that The Favorite Food Diet is the most comprehensive and affordable diet plan ever introduced online. Furthermore, it has zero side effects with the best result within a reasonable timeframe.

This PDF book is a comprehensive framework for laying out a sound eating habit that can assist you with getting fit and remaining as such over a long period.

It will assist you with trying not to become overweight, so you can stay content with what you look like and feel. So don’t miss the chance at any cost. 


1- How much will it cost to buy The Favorite Food Diet?

It is a very cheap and affordable PDF book, which guides how to lose weight naturally. It costs you only $. I have found that the methods and approaches we are supposed to follow in this book bear no extra costs.

2- Is The Favorite Food Diet legit?

It is legit, and the most recommended program due to its effectiveness. This PDF book consists of methods and procedures to lose weight by tweaking eating habits and probiotics. Mr. Chrissie Mitchell is a renowned nutritionist and knows how to resolve the obesity issue in public by investing the least effort and time.

3- Is the favorite food diet scam?

They have passed a decade in the weight loss business with a proactive customer approach with positive customers response. They would not have earned this much business and reputation if they were a scam. Instead, I have found a lot of satisfied customers in different countries who love to adopt these approaches and procedures due to their effectiveness and reliability.

4- How can I lose weight by eating my favorite food?

It is a new normal to lose weight by eating your favorite food. This program is based on the science of metabolism, the role of probiotics in the digestive system, and tweaking diet habits. First, there are sweets made from scratch with our “secret ingredient.”

5- How much will it cost to enjoy your diet?

This book is the most affordable guide manual for losing weight with a money-back guarantee. It costs you only $, and you can enjoy the latest and proven fat loss methods.

6- Where can I download The Favorite Food Diet?

You can just click here and download the PDF book.

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