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Half Day Diet
Life of an overweight individual is always challenging as he has to face the difficulty while buying the right size clothes or shoes. Moreover, his obesity invites lots of medical issues like cardiovascular problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gallstones, and what not. An obese person always finds it difficult to carry on his social activities which ultimately leads to depression. It is never too late to identify the cause of obesity and resolve it. The halfday diet program will help you with it.

If you want to have a slim and healthy physique in short span of time, then buy The Half Day Diet book. It is 204 pages long e-book founded by Nate Miyaki. People usually gain weight by eating the carbs at the wrong time of the day, so this book has an aim of providing a proper system for eating the favorite food at the right hour of the day. This program claims to be a combination of both paleo and sport nutrition diets. You will know about how to go about the diet, how much to eat and what to eat by owning this book

Mind Behind This Program

nate miyakiNate Miyaki is the author of one of the best weight loss program. He is a martial artist, wrestler turned fitness expert and former stuntman. Miyaki got his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of California. Then, he proceeds to obtain a postgraduate degree in the discipline from the San Francisco State University.

He is certified as the Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise.He got specialization in sports nutrition and fitness nutrition from the International Sports Science Association. Functional Training and Corrective Exercise Specialty Certification also lies in the list of his credentials. Miyaki is also a sports yoga instructor. Moreover, he wrote the four best-selling books on nutrition and fitness. The author of the half day diet lies in the list of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness.

How Does It Work?

The Half Day Diet program functions by letting you eat all the favorite carbs only at night and still lose weight. It works on three pillars which are discussed below:

  • The first pillar is about Macro-optimization which indicates that you have to optimize three microbes for your requirements which include the fats, carbs, and proteins. This pillar teaches you about how to eat the macronutrients in a way that it can help in losing fats. Optimizing the three microbes will make the fat burning process easier.
  • The second pillar is about Customization which makes you learn about how to customize the diet according to your body’s requirements. Food needs for a body differ from person to person, so you have to know about your own body needs if you want to lose weight. This pillar will help you tweak the diet to make it effective for burning fats.
  • The third pillar is about Evolution which means that you have to change your diet after you drop the pounds. The body needs changes with the pound loss, so you have to alter your diet to lose more pounds.

Pros and Cons

The half day diet program comes with several pros and cons. Listed below are some of those advantages and disadvantages:


  • The author of this program is super qualified in fitness and nutrition.
  • You do not need to change your lifestyle for losing weight as this program is flexible enough to fit your routine activities.
  • This weight loss program has a solid scientific foundation.
  • You will find this program as a complete guide for losing weight as it contains all the information regarding the food that you are supposed to consume.
  • This program promotes physical activity which is a healthier alternative rather than relying on supplementary diet pills.
  • People are usually lazy in carrying out their diet plan, so this book also has some guidelines for lazy people to assist them to get started.
  • This program also offers a fully refunded guarantee within sixty days if you are not satisfied with its results.
  • It helps you to lose weight without avoiding your favorite food.


  • Some of the information regarding exercising is not clear to the people.
  • This program teaches you how to calculate the microbes and provides a proper chart, but it does not give you recipes for losing weight.
  • The weight loss program must be motivated enough to compel the overweight individual to lose weight, but this program is not that motivational.
  • You cannot get the hard copy of this book as it is only available in digital format which is sometimes difficult for people to read and follow.

What Will You Get After Purchasing This Program?

The Half Day Diet program transforms your overweight body into an attractive slim physique. Once you buy this program, your body will remain slim even by eating your favorite carbs. This program comes with a few bonuses such as:

  • The original book of the Half Day Diet.
  • The package of this book will contain a bonus of another weight loss guide known as Happy Hour Handbook which boosts your fat burning process.
  • Restaurant and Fast Food Survival Guide is another bonus for you which explains what fast food to eat while still losing weight.
  • Another bonus is known as Holiday Fat Loss Manual also comes with the package of the Half Day Diet program.
  • You can also get a 30-day access to the Fat Belly Platinum Club where Nate will resolve all your mysteries regarding losing weight.

What Do People Say About This Program?

The positive testimonials are another benefit of this program. People who followed the Half Day Diet program always give positive remarks such as:

  • Moog was successful in burning fats by following this program without any losing his strength.
  • 45 years old Sarah recommend this weight loss program for all the obese people out there as it helps her losing weight without avoiding the favorite foods.

How & Where To Buy This Program?

You do not need to visit any shopping mall for buying this weight loss program. With just a single click, you will find the Half Day Diet program at your door step. You just have to switch on your laptop if you want this amazing weight loss program. Browse the official website of the HalfDay Diet, pay the bill online, and you will get the entire package within a short span of time.

Final Verdict

Most of the weight loss programs are hard to follow as they require a strict diet, rigid discipline and intense exercise which makes people lazy in following those diet plans. However, the Half Day Diet allows you to burn fat without sacrificing the favorite foods. It is backed up by a sixty days money back guarantee so there is no risk involved in buying this program.

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