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metabolic cooking reviewThere are two types of people: those who rapidly gain weight, and those who on the outside look slender. There is one problem they both could share: excess weight. It does not matter whether you belong to the first or to the second type, having excess weight is more common than what you think.

Eating a bad diet increases the risk of major health problems like heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and even depression. So, you should be asking yourself these questions: ‘What, when and how am I eating X food?’

There has been plenty of scientific research that has discovered a direct link between food consumption and diseases. Everything one eats affects (in a positive or a negative way) your organism. So, be a conscious eater!

Who Are The Authors of Metabolic Cooking?

dave ruel and karine losierMetabolic Cooking was co written by two authors, named Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. Karine, sometimes referred to as ‘’The Lean Kitchen Queen’, has a balanced professional life, involving her Master’s Degree in Psychology and a strong passion for food and fitness.  Dave, brings his complementary views since he is a Professional Fitness Coach, a nutritionist and a competitive bodybuilder. He has written experience too, as he is the author of Anabolic Cookbook.

How Can Metabolic Cooking Help Me?

Metabolic Cooking can help you in numerous ways. It is a great valued package for only $49, considering the amount of information on nutrition, healthy eating habits, recipes and reading material it offers. A glance into their program will have you cooking in no time since they give you at least 12 e-books to read.

Can You Speak About The Pros And Cons Of Metabolic Cooking?

Metabolic Cooking has a lot of positive information, but let’s talk first about the Cons this program has:


  • Simple instructions. There are not any hard to follow terms in the Metabolic Cooking e-book, nor do you have to feel like a professional chef to create any of the dishes – on the contrary, it is actually very well thought of for different people: the range goes from those regular individuals who usually do not cook at all, to those who have more experience in the kitchen. So, regardless of your mastery of the culinary arts, this e-book will help you develop your cooking skills like no other book out there.
  • Simple ingredients. One of the most appealing sides of this e-book is that you do not have to travel to the other side of town, to find the ingredients that you will need. In fact, many of the recipes require you to go to your cupboard, fridge, etc. and find exactly what you were looking for. There are some recipes of course that involve specific ingredients, but even so, they can be found in your local supermarket.
  • Simple Nutritional Information: Karine and David have focused on the number of calories per recipe, the amount of carbs and how many grams of protein per servings; besides, they give you all the information you need to know about what you are putting on your plate. This is excellent news for those who follow another dieting program, because you can then complement two programs to obtain better results.


  • No primary e-book. This could be an issue because there is so much information that one asks ‘’Where am I going to start?’’. There are at least 12 e-books, and, if you pay for the extras, you will receive at least 19 e-books filled with recipes.
  • Some information is missing. Even though the e-books have a sharped and detailed recipes’ section, there is a lack of research or explanation on why those recipes (and thus, types of food) boost metabolism. For people who are starting to change their views about their unhealthy eating habits, this might be an issue, having to educate themselves elsewhere.
  • The e-books feel a little bit ‘too much’ due to the colors they used. Perhaps something less flashy and simpler would have resulted better.


John Evans, 26, California: ‘’I’m happy because I started eating healthier about 2 months ago, when I purchased this, and let me tell you, I have lost some pounds already! Ok, I know I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I am surprised at how good I’m eating and how the pounds are shedding off!’’

Claire Thompson, 40, Ohio: ‘’Amazing! Truly amazing! I don’t even like cooking, but this has got my family and I in the kitchen! I can only tell you how good this is. Besides, my children are now eating healthier and they are enjoying things they would have never even tried before’’

Where Can I buy The Metabolic Cooking E-book?

You can get it through their official website:

You might want to have a look now, because they sometimes offer special daily discounts where you can save up to $20!

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

If after 60 days on the program, you find that it is not adequate for you and for some reason do not lose any weight, you can always ask the company for a refund. Yes, both Karine and David are so sure and proud of this program that they are willing to give you a full refund if your desired objectives are not accomplished. This money back guarantee is not found anywhere else!

Overall View

With Metabolic Cooking, you will not only lose all that undesirable weight in a very healthy and complete way, but, you will learn a new way of healthy living. Overall, the Metabolic Cooking Program is easy to follow, affordable, and educates the customer on healthy and nutritional food. More importantly, is the fact that as you read along you will be answering the three questions that we recommended at the beginning: ‘What, when and how am I eating this food?’

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