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my bikini belly reviewLosing weight after 35 years of age is a dream of every woman, but they always find it challenging. A 35 years old woman does not lose weight easily with the regular workout because she is not aware of the fact that the regular exercise will no more work on her physique. Instead of benefiting the older woman, this regular workout destroys her metabolic system and enhance the risk of diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other deadly illnesses. She needs to try something different to get a flat and firm belly.

Shawna introduces My Bikini Belly program for women over 35 years. It helps them see visible results in only 21 days without restricting calorie intake. Before getting this program, you need to know everything about this risk-free program. This detailed review will remove all your dilemmas regarding this workout program.

About My Bikini Belly

My Bikini Belly is a 21-days fitness program that assists in resetting the hormones, boosting the metabolic system and ultimately shedding the fat. This weight loss program is available in a series of downloadable videos that help any women to get in shape. The working out method shown in this program does not take your much time yet gives you the desired results in a short amount of time. Shawna told the middle-aged women that they could burn off stomach fat even faster due to the hormonal changes in their bodies. With this program, you will find a workout solution that matches your body and help you lose belly fat without hitting the treadmill.

About The Author

shawna kaminski“My Bikini Belly” is the creation of Shawna Kaminski who knows well how to stay in great shape in the early forties. Shawna has helped about thousands of woman to shed belly fat due to this weight loss program. This Canadian athlete had ruled various areas of fitness like swimming, freestyle skiing, and bodybuilding. She is a 52 years old fitness model who won a number of titles including western Canadian lightweight bodybuilding championship winner, top 3 finishers in national Canadian bodybuilding championship and two-time winner of the ‘Toughest Calgarian Alive.’ Shawna’s 20 years younger look in her 50s is an inspiration for every middle-aged woman who wants to stay slim and fit throughout the life.

How Does ‘My Bikini Belly’ Work?

My Bikini Belly is basically a ‘Metabolic Activation Training Program’ that works by activating the natural system of your body. Activation of this system is necessary to burn your body’s fat faster.  Those three systems that this weight loss program promise to target include:

  • Switching off your Menopause Molecules
  • Turning on the Belly Shrinking Hormone of your body
  • Turning up the metabolic system.

Together all these three components will produce a fat-burning machine in your body that fight your belly fats and give you your desired physique. A wide range of exercise techniques mentioned in the My Bikini Belly Program help you activate these three steps. It does not restrict you from your favorite food but teaches you the best workouts to lose weight.

Pros And Cons Of  The ‘My Bikini Belly’

Let’s take a look at the pros and then some cons of ‘My Bikini Belly’ program:


Ø  Easy Exercises

Shawna mentioned lots of easy workouts in this program so that beginners or the busy middle-aged women can practice it without getting frustrated. Moreover, it does not need any equipment.

Ø  Pocket-Friendly Program

Most of the weight loss programs are quite expensive with many upsells but you can get My Bikini Belly at very affordable rates.

Ø  Contain Lots of  Workout Videos

People can follow a program effectively if it comes with some follow-along videos. The follow-along videos in this program are incomparable.

Ø  Instantly Downloadable

You can easily download this program anywhere anytime.

Ø  Does Not Restrict Calories

With this weight loss program, you can eat whatever you want as it does not restrict your consumption of calories to a ridiculously low amount.


Ø  Only Digital Format

This program is only available in digital format so you cannot get it without an internet connection.

Ø  Demand Commitment

It demands a solid level of commitment, so if you want to see noticeable results, then you have to follow it for at least few weeks.

What Will You Get After Purchasing?

This 21-days workout program is divided into three sessions on different DVDs that focus on activating different systems. You will get the following components with this program:

  • The first DVD that comes with this program is the Bikini Belly Flush that targets the menopause molecules by switching them off to get your body on the track of shedding belly fat. It includes various workouts that target the appropriate part of your body.
  • The second component is the Bikini Belly Burn that includes workouts to activate the belly-shrinking hormone. It includes easy-to-follow workouts that strengthen your youth hacking hormones.
  • Then comes the Bikini Belly Blast that includes workout to optimize your metabolic system. It works by turning on your anti-aging molecules.

What Do People Say About It?

Many testimonials prove that this workout program gets the results that it claims. Let’s see what women who have tried it says about it:

  • Emma James is a 41 years old lady who reported that she is virtually headache free as she is now 50 pounds lighter due to ‘My Bikini Belly’ program. She claims that this workout program has fantastic ability to shed belly pounds in short amount of time.
  • A 40 years old Sophia Charles had tried many eating and workout programs, but nothing helps her shed weight. When she came to know about the ‘My Bikini Belly’ program, then she thought to give it a shot too. Following this program help her get in shape with just little effort.
  • Olivia Robert, a 45 years old woman was extremely happy with this program as she lost 24 pounds and four pant sizes with this program. She is frequently getting compliments on her thinner bikini body.

How & Where to Buy?

You can get this program from the official website of the ‘My Bikini Belly.’ It is only available in the digital format, so you need to pay online through a secure online form. It comes at the cost of $15.

Money Back Guarantee

My Bikini Belly program is backed up by a 60-days money back guarantee. This money back guarantee gives you an opportunity to get every penny back if you are not happy with the results. This program claims that it will work for any woman as quickly as possible, so 60 days is a huge time to feel the difference.

Final Words – Is It Worth The Investment?

My Bikini Belly is the best training program that helps every woman to get the bikini body in a short span of time. The truth is that you cannot find any program like it anywhere. This program is specifically designed to meet your needs and give you the body of your dream. You can see the 100% proven results once you planned to follow this workout program. Shawna has made it easier for to get a flat and firm stomach in your late thirties. If you want to shed the unwanted belly fat, then give it a shot and feel the difference.

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