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SpecForce AbsObesity is the most prevailing issue of today’s world where people often get their hands on unhealthy and caloric foods. Such food leads to a fat ridden stomach that paved the way for various health issues including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. That is why the fitness experts are trying to produce the most effective and simple weight-loss program.

Unfortunately, very few fat loss programs focus on the stomach region. In the end, you are left with nothing but to eat tasteless food. Todd strikes an idea, and he produces a program which helps you get the tight and firm stomach without putting additional effort. This program is as good as it claims to be so let’s get to know the Specforce Abs before trying it out.

About The SpecForce Abs

Specforce Abs is an online workout program created by Todd Lamb. This book covers all the ab training techniques which are performed by the Special Forces teams. This program claims that it will transform you flabby belly into six pack abs in a short span of six weeks. Todd realized the effectiveness of these workouts when started training workouts like sit-ups and crunches on his temporary retirement from arm forces. It teaches five abs training factors that target both men and women. He creates a blueprint of his training for the general public so that everyone could take benefit from this ab training program.

About Todd Lamb

todd lamb fitnessSpecforce abs are the creation of Todd Lamb who is a former special force soldier in the Canadian Military. This tactical fitness expert provides a blueprint of the workout program after experiencing it himself.

Todd believes that a strong core is necessary to bring down the enemies without hurting yourself and this core is only strengthen by the strenuous workout. Exercise comes with a bonus of giving you a six pack body.

Todd put on some weight when he left the army, so he decided to get his figure back with the traditional stomach exercises. He develops the Specforce Abs out of his own experience.

How Does It Work?

The Spec force Abs comes with a wide range of suggestions, tips, and tricks that can enhance your abdominal training. It works by addressing the actual issue behind the flabby belly. Most of the people do not know that their stomach fat stores in the rubbery tissue called omentum. This program includes techniques that can reverse the fat storing process. It gives you lots of lessons regarding fitness. Some of them are discussed below:

  • The Specforce Abs contains information about the three dangerous abs mistakes that people often commit.
  • It also includes detailed information about the three separate parts of the Abs on which you can focus.
  • This program works by telling you five important factors that can give you hard abs.

Pros and Cons of The SpecForce Abs

Listed below are pros of this program which are accompanied by some cons:


Ø For Both Gender

The Specforce Abs include exercises for both men and women with a slight difference due to the different biological makeup. Women also can get feminine abs with the simple exercises mentioned in this program.

Ø Created by an Expert

Todd Lamb is a person with credentials of providing a fitness program. His amazing six pack body is enough for a person to trust his program.

Ø Easy to Understand Instructions

This workout program contains detailed instructions which are easy to read and execute.

Ø Produce Instant Results

Testimonials of this program proved that it could give your desired six abs body in a short amount of time.

Ø Huge Discount

Weight loss or workout programs are always expensive to buy, so Todd decided to sell this complete system at an amazing price of less than $10. It is a limited offer for the first 2000 customers.


Ø Only Digital Format

The Specforce Abs program is only available in digital format which is sometimes difficult to read. You cannot get the hard copy of this program, but if you want one, then you have to take prints of the entire eBook.

Ø Does Not Include Follow-Along Videos

Every person loves to watch and follow training videos, but unfortunately, this program does not include any follow-along video.

Ø Demand Lots of Effort

If you are a person who is not consistent or do workout daily, then this program is not for you as it demands consistent effort on your part.

What Will You Get After Purchasing?

You will find various eBooks once you purchase the SpecForce Abs by Todd Lamb. The following five components are the part of this program:

  • The Spec force Abs Handbook is the main manual for this program. It includes various tips and tricks to achieve the instant results.
  • Fix and Flatten Manual is a bonus booklet that contains information on body cleansing. Todd said that these toxins are necessary to remove as it adds as much as 3 inches to your stomach.
  • Then comes the perfect butt solution manual which is another bonus booklet. It helps people who want to look good in jeans.

What Do People Say About It?

Every person who has followed this program report positively about it. Some of its testimonials are discussed below:

  • Paul Charles, a 35 years old man, always wanted to have six pack abs like the male models displayed on the magazine cover but he found it impossible to get. His friend Richard recommend him the Specforce Abs. When he tried his program, he found a huge difference in a short span of time.
  • Chris Kenneth reported that he lost about 11% of his body fat over the course of few weeks. He believes that it was not possible with the workout instructions mentioned in the Specforce abs.
  • Anna William considers this program as the most trustworthy and effective as it let her drop 50 pounds in a short amount of time.

SpecForce Abs: How & Where To Buy?

The Spec force Abs is available in the form of eBook. You can get this program online after paying through a secure platform. It cost about $9 without any hidden charges. You can use this PDF format of the Specforce Abs whenever you want to.

Money Back Guarantee

The Spec force Abs is backed up by an iron-clad 60 days money back guarantee. If you do not find it satisfactory, then you can ask for a full refund within 60 days.

Final Words – Is It Worth The Investment?

The testimonials indicated that the Specforce Abs work exactly what it promises to do. You will get tight and flat abs within six weeks. Every person who has tries this program have seen a huge difference in just six weeks. The nutritional information mentioned in this program help you stay healthy throughout the life. You can have the physique that you dreamed off with just a little hard work. If you want everyone to watch you with glazed eyes, then give it a shot. It will make people compliment you on your inspiring physique.

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