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It can be observed throughout time, that humans were always searching for ways to communicate with each other. First came the pointing, then the grunting, then something interesting happened: music made its big appearance through the art of rituals, offerings, passages and so on.

When celebrating, ancient cultures that had not yet developed the art of language, would have used instruments they created themselves. These instruments were made from local material, such as pieces of dead animals, seashells, or perhaps something simple like a stick to create some noise.  So, let’s fast forward thousands of years up until now, the year where anyone can sing, thanks to the Superior Singing Method.

Superior Singing Method’s Interesting Outlook

This is a new and revolutionary step by step method, created to assist those who are willing to learn, improve and manage their singing voices. This program consists of intense vocal training sessions that will help expand your vocal muscles, the same muscles that will help you sound and be like a professional singer.

Aaron Anastasi created this amazing method a couple of years ago, so it has been tested by many people. Not only you will learn to properly sing, but you will also gain a boost both in confidence and power, something that is much needed when trying to reach high pitches, and when being on stage.

The most revealing part is its duration. It only lasts 8 weeks (60 days), but, you will then be able to further up your knowledge and practices with all the available material found on their website.

Who is Aaron Anastasi?

As mentioned before, it’s author, Aaron Anastasi, is a professional vocal coach, so you can 100% rest assured that he knows what he is doing because he has taught many others the art of singing.

Superior Singing Method Thoroughly Explained

Let’s explain how this method works: Once you obtain the Superior Singing Method, you will gain access to, at least, 10 modules in total, plus many additional ones.

The first module is an introductory guide to the rest of the course, but it basically entails warm-up exercises. You will also be expected to make a suitable timetable for your practicing lessons. On the second module, you will learn to manage your breath. You will learn from a variety of breathing techniques, which you probably did not even know existed! On the third module, you will improve your vocal tone, by eliminating nasal cavity problems that may appear while singing.

It is all about pitching during module four, as it is necessary if you want to continue your new career as a singer. On week five, you will be able to study resonance and power, which is then continued by week six where you will learn to sing higher notes than before, how to use vocal techniques and how to add and mix different vocal styles. The seventh module will teach you vocal agility. This means your voice will not crack anymore when you try to pass from one note to the next one. And lastly, is module eight. You can now sing.

There is, however, some additional content included as bonuses to help you out even more. You will receive a 124-page manual which is a complementary help alongside the modules.

Where Can I Purchase This Method?

Superior Singing Method is available online through their official website: http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com at a very affordable price, too: $97. That is less than $12 per module, considering there are more than 10 modules available!

Can You Explain The Pros & Cons This Method Has?

Let’s talk about the Pros’ first:

  • It is affordable. You will not be able to find an hourly voice coach for this price.
  • Their online platform is good, and you can download all the content if you want to. This means you can fill your laptop, cellphone, or even your smart T.V and always study.
  • It was designed by professionals. There is a great level of knowledge and understanding of the singing students’. Aaron has thoroughly thought of all questions you might have and has given you a sound answer.
  • You can practice whenever you want. There is no time limit to your lessons. 

Now the Cons’:

  • You are expected to work on your own. This is not too much of a bad thing, it is more of a conscious thing. You need to be disciplined and dedicated if you want to learn and advance on the modules because, in a way, you will be your own teacher.
  • You might need to re watch a couple of times the videos for you to ‘open up’ your hearing sense as well.
  • You need to practice and practice a lot, actually.

What Will I Received If I Buy This Method?

The Superior Singing Method gives you a total of 8 modules, 50 singing lessons, 31 dynamic vocal exercises presented as audio files, daily vocal training exercises AND more bonuses than you can think of.

Hear You Out!

Charles Hayes, 32, Miami: ‘’My friend bought this as a Christmas present for me, and after a couple of months my voice has improved so much it’s unreal! If you have the opportunity, get this, you will not regret it, even if you are only just starting to swim on the singing pool, Aaron makes Superior Singing Method really interesting!’’

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

There is a money back guarantee, meaning that if after 60 days of practicing you do not feel like you have improved your skills, you can contact Aaron (he usually replies himself), and ask him for a refund.


Truly increases the range of your voice, improves your singing voice and you will probably realize this after a couple of days practicing. After all, practice does make you better. You will learn the basics, which in turn will allow you to experiment even more with your vocal range, your pitch range, and many other things.

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