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the beta switchObesity is a common health issue in today’s world where eating the most caloric food has become the ultimate goal of life. People do not realize that putting on excess fats do more than just increasing their weight. There is a strong link between excess pounds and various health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and depression.

People with excess calories often look for the easiest way to shed their weight off and become skinny like the models displayed on the front page of a Korean magazine. In doing so, they often lose hope because they cannot attain their ideal weight in a short span of time. They forget that they do not need to get that skinny as the modest amount of weight loss can also help them to reduce the increased health risks.

You will find various diet products in the market which makes it difficult for you to get the desired one. The Beta Switch is one of the greatest weight reduction program that takes you to your ideal without strict dieting. This review will outline everything about The Beta Switch so that you can make the right decision for yourself to see if this program just works for you.

About The Beta Switch

the beta switch reviewSue Heintze created The Beta Switch specifically for women who wanted to lose weight in a short span of 3 months.

This program uses the science-based techniques to eliminate the stubborn fat deposits without excessive exercise or strict diet plan.

The name “The Beta Switch” is given to this program as it helps you reduce your weight by switching off the fat storing receptors and turning on the fat burning receptors in your body.

You will learn a lot of things with this program like how to celebrate your cheat day and what it is all about.

Some extra things that come with The Beta Switch further complement the nutrition aspect of this weight loss program.

About The Author

sue heintzeThe Beta Switch is the creation of an Australian body transformation champion, Sue Heintze. She is the owner of the Ideal Bodies Online where she provides a large number of fitness programs, supplements, ebooks and what not. Some of her most famous fitness magazines include the Australian Oxygen magazine, Shape Magazine, and Australian Women’s Health and Fitness magazine.

Like every other woman, she also had a feeling of being a loser with the weight loss program. However, with every new day, she was getting new information about weight loss that completely changes her life. This 12-week program is the result of her own experience that gives her amazing changes in her body.

How Does It Work?

This weight loss program works on some unique diet principles which are quite easy to follow.  It focuses on the nutritional side of switching the body’s fat burning receptors on effectively. However, the other weight loss programs focus on the strict dieting or excessive exercising that actually cause fat to store in the body.

The Beta Switch help the obese people to lose the fat in the problem areas like thighs and belly without additional effort. It works at a cellular level to burn your fats from the inside that ultimately cause it to transform your body on the outside.

Pros and Cons of The Beta Switch

Every program comes with some pros and cons. Outlined below are the advantages of the Beta Switch which are accompanied by some drawbacks.


  • The creator of the Beta Switch is experienced and qualified to offer fitness programs.
  • With this program, you can eat all your favorite foods yet shed weight in a short span of three months.
  • This weight loss program is the result of thorough
  • You can avail this fitness service at very affordable rates.
  • It contains easy-to-follow lessons that are quite effective and results in instant body transformation.
  • It does not demand long workouts and gives you scientific reasons for avoiding long workouts.
  • This program comes with a ton of additional bonuses that cover different topics like psychology, motivation or image.


  • The Beta Switch program needs the use of gym facilities which is sometimes beyond the access of the person.
  • It involves the purchase of some expensive ingredients and foods that may add up to the final cost of this program.
  • This program is only available in digital format.
  • Though Sue tried her best to simplify the information, some customers still complain about the language used in this program.

What Will You Get After Purchasing This Program?

Once you purchase this product, you will get access to the Beta Switch program. With this program, you will get lots of information in the pdf format manuals and also some workout videos that make it easier for you to do the exercise at home. You will get the following bonuses after purchasing this program:

  • The core component of this program is the Beta Switch Main Manual. It is 117 pages long pdf book that contains a lot of theory about the Beta Receptors Activation. This manual tells you detailed information about the food and ingredients to regulate the hormones that have a significant impact on the beta receptors.
  • The next one is the Beta Switch Workout Manual. This manual is optional like if you want to lose weight without doing work out, then you do not need to follow this manual.
  • Then comes the Beta Switch Diet Tracker. This component helps you stay on the track and keep on losing weight.
  • This program also gives you an instant solution for some special occasion in the form of the 5 Day Tummy Tuck.
  • Boost over body image is another bonus that helps the woman to accept their body without comparing themselves with the magazine models.


Every woman who had followed this program has observed a huge optimistic change in their physique. They believe that this program makes shedding weight very easier without demanding additional effort. Let’s take a look at few testimonials!

  • Jessica reported that she had attained her ideal physique in just 12 weeks. She was 64 kg, and now she is just 55 kg after following the Beta Switch program.
  • Tiffany Smith, a mother of four children, was quite worried about her 75 kg weight, so she kept on searching for the right program that could help her shed lots of pounds instantly. When she came to know about the Beta Switch program, she purchases this program and remains stick to the program till 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, she observes a huge difference in her physique. She is now just 53.6 kg because of this weight loss program.
  • Stephany Monro was 78 kg at a young age of 23 kg, and she found it quite difficult to do instance work out and shed some pounds. However, the Beta Switch helps to turn to her ideal weight of 63 kg in 12 weeks of time.

How & Where To Buy The Beta Switch?

You can easily purchase the Beta Switch program from the official website of Sue Heintze. This program is also available on some famous online marketplace. You can get this program at an affordable rate of $37. However, if you are not happy with this program, then you can return it as it is backed up by 60 days of money back guarantee

Final Words – Is It Worth The Investment?

People who follow other weight loss programs often reported that they gain their weight back once they leave that strict diet plan. The creator of the Beta Switch kept this complaint of the people in her mind before introducing this program. As a result, she gives a unique form of weight loss programs that help people to lose their fat permanently. Moreover, the 60 days money back guarantee also reflects its promise that you will surely see a quick result if you follow this program strictly.

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