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Guys, this is William from New York aged 35. I am married with three kids. My wife Emma is all the time busy with our kids, as they are too naughty to handle. But I like their mischievous behavior, as we all do naughtiness in our childhood. I was suffering from tight hip flexors for last few years and this problem spoiled my life from tip to toe. I was really packed with the problems like high anxiety, digestive issues, sleeping problems, sluggishness, belly fat, pain in joints and back and above all my sex life was no more. Life started to seem meaningless. I didn’t find any attraction in anything. My official works too were heavily disturbed. My kids were only my happiness in this tension and diseases-filled situation. 

There is no tightness in my hip flexors today and all the diseases, which emerged due to tight hip flexors, are no more at all with me. My sex life is energetic and my wife says your energy is back with oomph. Belly fat is the thing of the past. No anxiety, no digestion issue or there is no laziness with me today. I feel super young. And this all happened because of a solution I am going to describe it to you now.

Do you suffer tight hip flexors or do you have any issues such as sleeping disorders, anxiety, digestive problems, laziness and belly fat? If you have all of these or suffer from any of them, then you need to follow the solution I did to throw all of these diseases from my life to emerge to be super fit and young. 

Unlock Your Hip Flexors: Solution That Changed My Life

As mentioned earlier life was simply horrible and I had lost all hope to regain the liveliness back into my life. But one day I thought of trying something or some treatment which could provide me solution. While searching on the web, I got attracted to Unlock Your Hip Flexors program.

This program has been designed to help you release your tight hip flexors using a special method. Many of us are not aware of hip flexors and this is the reason majority of us suffer many problems occurred due to tight hip flexors. Well, hip flexors are a group of muscles located near the top your thighs. They are the key players which move your lower body. Due to hip flexors, you can walk, bend, kick and swivel your hips.

If there is tightness in your muscles and you make a sudden movement, the hip flexors can tear or stretch. Often, the physicians forget to talk about these hidden survival muscles in your body.

Remember, with tight hip flexors, your immune system can be disturbed, you may develop joint and back pain, your sexual performance will be highly affected, you may witness sleeping disorders, and you can develop high anxiety and many other issues. Anyone with any age group can use this program to unlock the hidden survival muscle and instantly begin to witness the difference.

You will overcome all the problems I faced and mentioned in above lines besides you will be more energized and will have a flat belly. Taking exercised and eating healthy food are not enough to keep you healthy and fit. The danger nonetheless exists in your body that is hidden not only from us but also from the doctors. Nearly all bodies are affected by that muscle.

You have a tight PSOAS muscle (one of the muscles which make up the hip flexor), which you even do not know about, and the tightness develops because of the prolonged sitting. This solution literally brought true happiness, excitement and health into my upset life. Thanks to Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

Introduction of the Product

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an online program that has been designed to help you easily release your tight hip flexors. Mike Westerdal (a national best-selling fitness author) created this program with Rick Kaselj (Kinesiologist and injury specialist). Unlock Your Hip Flexors will give you a practical easy to follow program which you can start right away for immediately releasing your hip flexors to get extra strength, better health and energy. The program is awesome and is quite easy to use. The sequential flow is composed of 10 carefully selected exercises including PNF stretching, static stretching, dynamic stretching, mobility exercises, 3-dimensional core stability exercises, fascia stretching and muscle activation.

About Rick Kaseli (Author of the Program)

Rick is highly skilled and experienced Kinesiologist and injury specialist. Fitness professionals keep visiting him whenever they like to learn about the latest techniques to help their own clients. Rick, sensing the need of awareness for the fitness and health, often delivers presentations on relevant topics. He has so far delivered more than 352 live presentations to around 8152 health professionals in entire US and Canada and hope to continue the activities in other parts of the world. Mike Westerdal, the famed national best-selling fitness author, witnessed the power of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors method when Rick used the techniques on Mike’s wife to solve her chronic pain and discomfort in her hips.

With only 15 minutes, Rick unlocked her hips using the same techniques presented in this program. Then Mike’s Head Strength Coach suffered the tightness in his hip flexors, Rick instantly solved the problem with his fabulous techniques. This all ignited the desire inside Mike to launch the program ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ with Rick. And now Rick Kaseli’s program has been helping so many people in the world since long time. His programs and his credibility has been seen on world renowned platforms such as Yahoo News,,, San Francisco Chronicle, PR Web and to name a few.

What You Get in the Package?

The program is super low-cost, as you can get it for only $10. The price is massively reduced because the makers want it to reach to all people. It can be used by both men and women of all age groups.

There are no side effects since it is not a medicine or food rather it consists of exercises to unlock the hip flexors so that you can live a healthy and fit life with no anxiety, no belly fat, no laziness and no stress while doing sex (as it increases your sexual performance to heights).

The package includes DVD Video featuring 10 exercises with explanations from Rick. There are two video contents such as Coaching Instructions and Flow Along Format. Rick guides you throughout in the videos. You will also get Hip Flexors Manual laced with complete depth about the psoas muscle. It also carries comprehensive descriptions of the exact exercised movements with pictures.

You will also receive 2 extra bonuses with your order including:

  • Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings (The Key to a Healthy and Perfect Posture)
  • The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Automatically Heal Your Body with the Right Foods)

The Usage of Unlock Your Hip Flexors (How Does it Work?)

The usage of the program is much simple and easy. There is no science involved into the program. Rick has put together a sequential flow created just for you. It comprises of 10 very carefully chosen exercises including static stretching, PNF stretching, dynamic stretching, mobility exercises, 3-dimensional core stability, fascia stretching and muscle activation. In the videos, Rick coaches you completely with explanations and you can follow along. The manual with the pack also helps you out completely if you find any difficulty. 


  • The exercises are extremely easy and simple even the people with tight schedules can take time out to perform them.
  • Since the price is very low, all people with low income too can afford it.
  • The program has been designed and created by the likes of Rick Kaseli and Mike Westerdal, who are certified fitness trainers and known in the industry. 
  • The results are seen within days.
  • Your tight hip flexors are unlocked with ease and you start to enjoy life fully.
  • Your sex life sees more joys in bed.
  • You witness the belly being flat and your body fit and energized.
  • Your anxiety goes far away from your life.


  • Since it is available in digital format, there is a conception among the people that it could be disadvantageous. 
  • People with lazy lifestyles can find it hard as it required strong commitment to find the positive results.


I was simply packed with anxiety, back pains and tensions. I also started feeling that I could hardly perform well in bed with my wife. This was simply shocking. I discussed the situation with a friend and he suggested me to use Unlock Your Hip Flexors. I gave it a chance as it was much low cost. I used and followed the exercises and today I am a big performer in bed and there is no anxiety or pains in life. Benjamin

Being a working woman, I had to sit for long hours daily. This led me to have more diseases in life such as joint and back problems and I also got fats on belly. I sought the solutions on the web and found Unlock Your Hip Flexors. Rick simply impressed me a lot since I soon started finding the best results. I got to know that all of these problems happened because of my tight hip flexors. Jasmine

Joint and lower back pains had made my life simply ill. I was unable to do anything. I wanted to kick these problems away from my life. Then one day I found ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ program and it actually changed my life. Apart from overcoming the pains, my sexual life got more energized and my partner is extremely happy with me now. Robert

People had started calling me ‘hospital’ and this was really irritating. I started avoiding everyone. Actually I had numerous issues notable being anxiety, sleeping problems and joint pains. I got introduced with Unlock Your Hip Flexors on the web. Through this program, I found that due to tightness in hip flexors, all of these issues occurred. Thanks to Rick whose exercise helped me gain a new life. David

Prolonged sitting had created number of problems for me. Despite taking exercises, I started suffering a tight psoas and it took place due to the amount of time I spent each day on my office chair. I must thank to Rick’s Unlock Your Hip Flexors which solved my problems and I am now living a good healthy life. Mia

Expectations from the Program

Rick’s videos are in detail and help you learn step by step. You will get simple and clear demonstration. You will also learn about your body’s mighty muscle, as how it is affecting your physical and emotional life? By following up thoroughly, you will begin witnessing the positive results very soon. There will not be any anxiety in your life. The fats on your belly will be removed. You will begin to have sound sleeps. Your mind will be relaxed. Sex life will be powerful.

Money Back Guarantee

No denying in saying that everyone suffers from tight hip flexors that means everyone can benefit from this program. Order it and start using it for the next 60 days. If you are not satisfied or you do not find positive results, you may ask for 100 percent refund, which will be offered to you with no questions asked.


Your doctors even fail to reveal that you have tight hip flexors. Thus majority of us does not know about the tightness in this muscle. This led you to develop high anxiety, sleeping disorders, joint and back pains, digestive issues and laziness. Obviously if you suffer from these problems or even develop a single one from these, your life will become hard. So, give Unlick Your Hip Flexors a chance that will throw all of these problems out of your life.

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