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Hi, This is Alice from California aged 30. By profession, I am a manager in a multinational company and my daily routine is quite hectic that I cannot give time to my family that includes my husband John and two sweet daughters – Sophia and Isabella. I really want to spend quality time with my loving family but it becomes simply impossible due to my fully engaged life. This has turned me overweight – credit goes to my prolonged sitting in office and eating fast food. Like all, I too love to be svelte and have an hourglass body structure. But work routine and laziness left nothing for me to go ahead with my body maintenance. For last few years, I’ve been facing these issues. But today I proudly announce that I am no more overweight and lazy at all rather I am full of energy and slim.

Do you have similar problems like me? Do you feel lazy? Are you overweight like I was? Do your work working schedules turn you into obesity?

The Solution That Helped Me Be Slim and Fit

Well, everyone knows that Yoga is a type of exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit or flexible, to improve your breathing, and to relax your mind. So, I was much interested in Yoga, and this led me to search for the programs related to Yoga. Yoga Burn program attracted me a lot. It is simply awesome and brings wonderful and amazing results, which will help you say ‘wow’.

This program that is based on a follow-along from home is much simple and has been targeted to all – even the ones who are not introduced to yoga can do it with super ease. I found it a perfect solution since it helped me reduce my weight tremendously and let me shed the extra flesh off my body. I was simply a plump woman before using Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge, but today after using it I am a truly fit woman…..hmmm, rather I look like a 20 years old girl.

With its usage, I burnt the fats and found a perfect shape for my body. My current look makes me curvaceous and hot (as my husband now says). I feel more comfortable now in wearing all type of clothes. Even I excitedly can slip into a bikini and I do when we go to beach. My hubby would love to spend more time with me and it reminds us of the early days of our dating and married life. It all seems fantastic. My kids say ‘Mom, you look like a model’. Yes, it sounds great and I feel more energetic while listening these words and this encourages me to do more for my body maintenance. 

Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge gave me a new life altogether. It made my boring life excited. Even after finding my perfect body, I am more enthusiast in my office works. The energy level that I have today helps me do more and more works. There is no laziness at all. The program suits the women of all fitness levels from very new beginners to advance.

You are not bound at all, as you can go at your own pace and take breaks as needed. It has been designed with 15-minute intervals so that the users can have breaks in their workouts. 

What is Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge?

The program has been designed exclusively for women who would like to work on giving their body an attractive shape, want to strengthening and toning their midsection while burning fat off their body and enjoying the wonderful and amazing benefits of yoga at the same time. Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge is quite effective, as it carries revolutionary 3 phase approach to targeted abdominal training for women. Training sequences are the central focus of this marvelous follow-along from home challenge and they have been designed to help the women get the required attractive shape. The program also helps you be safe from the common problems and drawbacks often associated with typical abdominal training programs. 

Who Can Use This Program?

Ideally, the women between the age group of 18-65 including absolute beginners and fitness proficient can use Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge program. Even it is best for those women who have been into fitness and yoga in their entire lives. For fitness enthusiasts, it appears to be fruitful. If you start using it, you will never ever find any need to go for other exercises and there will not be any need of attending any gyms. The simple workout from home will solve all of your weight-loss problems.  

A Little Bit about Yoga Burn, Its History and Credibility

Yoga Burn, as the name refers to body maintenance, is a fitness and lifestyle enhancement website targeted to all fitness enthusiasts and weight loss lovers. This unique and fruitful idea has been initiated and designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton and Digital Health Solutions Inc. The platform is dedicated to women who want to see their body in shape and like to enjoy happy, healthy and fit life through the brilliantly easy to do yoga-fitness programs available for purchase at the website.  The most important thing about these products is that apart from the physical yoga burn products, the customers who buy them are also entitled with digital access to all bought programs so that they can use them on any digital device such as mobile, desktop or laptop. Zoe Bray-Cotton, the creator of this unique program, is an internationally certified personal trainer and yoga instructor apart from being a female transformation specialist to over one million women across the globe. She is the creator of international best-selling fitness systems for women like Yoga Burn.

Zoe Bray-Cotton has used her long 10 years of personal training and yoga teaching experience in designing all of the health and fitness products for women, which are available for purchase on Yoga Burn website. The products are credible, as the women across the globe have been using them to give their bodies a perfect shape and get health benefits and at the same time to be happy seeing their toned physique. 

Payment Security

Your payments are secured since the company used Clickbank for secure payment processing, as you are aware that Clickbank is a trustworthy leader in secure digital e-commerce and payments. 

How Does Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge Work?

It is quite simple to follow, as it has very carefully been designed by the highly expert fitness trainer putting the absolute beginners in mind. You need no gym memberships or exercise equipment of any kind to use this challenge. It is a follow-along from home pattern.

With physical products, you are also provided digital access to follow the training, which is very simple. The training delivered into the program will guide you to get an hourglass shape. Your body fats would be burnt and you will get curves on your structure which make your body appealing and attractive.

In order to get good results, you need to follow the instructions in the presentations very carefully and closely. The program relaxes your body and makes your physique flexible. You belly will be flat.

The program is split into 3 phases such as foundational flow phase (building strong yoga foundations), transitional flow phase (building strength and flexibility) and mastery flow phase (burning more calories and making real changes to body). The program package consists of digital downloads and physical collections. 

Let’s Talk about Pros and Cons of Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge

As almost every product carries advantages and disadvantages, the same is the case with this product. Let’s briefly explain it all.


  • Well, the most important and attractive thing about Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge is that it is best for the women who like to shed weight and extra pounds off their bodies in the comfort of their home, since it is a follow from home along program.
  • Zoe, being a highly expert trainer, provides simple and well guided progression for each video. Each class in the program is easy to follow, but is varied and pleasant. 
  • It has dynamic sequencing – means that you will be challenged no matter what is your present level.
  • Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge speeds up metabolism, totally helps you shed weight, improves immune system, improves your health and makes you feel happy. 
  • Apart from the physical collections, you will also be provided with digital access which can be used anywhere in the world.
  • It is affordable and everyone can buy it.
  • You will get money back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • Price includes shipping and handling.


  • Weight loss is not a magic. To shed your extra weight off your body, you need to do hard work meaning that you need to follow the program for 12 weeks to get desired and good results. If you carefully follow the instructions, you will notice the improvements very soon.
  • The poses delivered into the program are not challenging for advance yoga practitioners. 
  • If you return the product, you will ship it on your own expense.


First of all, I like to thank Zoe a lot since she has designed a fabulous program for the women like me who have plump figure and have tried many things to get svelte body. The product is incredible and worked on me. I am now very smart and attractive. Jasmine

In addition to being overweight, I had mental problems and stress. I wanted to get yoga classes, but being a working woman I did not have time. Thus someone suggested me Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge. I bought it at very economical price. It changed my life altogether. Within few days, I started noticing the results on my body. After 12 weeks, I got my perfect shape. Wow..! Claudia

I wanted to be a model, as it was my dream. But my body wasn’t apt for this profession. I found Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge while searching on the web. I got attracted as it was designed by Zoe, the famed trainer. I followed the instructions in the program and today I have toned and sexy curvaceous figure. Now I can pursue my dream of modeling. Jennifer

I was fed up with my fat body. Everyone in the family and in friends’ circles used to call me fatty. This was simply painful for me. I finally found Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge on the web and the positive reviews appealed me. I bought it and started following it completely and today I have a fit body. Emma

To be honest, I do not like going out for workouts. I wanted something that can be practiced at home. One of my friends suggested me to buy Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge. I did workouts whatever it was presented, and got the superb results. I lost many pounds off my body. Olivia

What’s included in the Package?

The package includes physical collections and digital downloads as well. When you buy the physical product, you will be provided with free access to digital modes. 

Results to Be Expected from Yoga Burn Trim Core Challenge

Well, you will get really attractive and positive results if you follow the presentation and do the workouts accordingly. To make the schedules easy for all types of women, there are 15 minutes intervals during the workouts. Upon carefully following the presentation, you will get good shape, ton your midsection and start feeling relaxed with good health.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this program or experience any difficulty, you can ask for money back guarantee. Just email them or call them at their toll free numbers within 60 days of purchase. 100 percent refund will be offered within 48 hours. No questions asked.

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Final Words

Yoga not only makes your fit and healthy but also provides you with spiritual comfort. This program has been created and designed by the expert and highly trained Zoe Bray-Cotton, who has plenty of experience to help you overcome your weight problem. Be fit and healthy with very simple and easy to follow exercises.

The program is a follow along pattern that can be used by everyone from all age groups (though it is targeted to 18-65 aged people). You need no gyms or exercise equipment, as Zoe guides you thoroughly in simple ways. It is time to be svelte, fit, healthy and attractive.

With a spending of a bit amount and consumption of short time, if you can shed pounds off your body and be fit by spending life healthily and happily then why to wait? Buy the products at very economical prices and begin your journey to find a well-shaped body.

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